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    • Explosive safety audits.
    • Determination of explosion hazardous zones.
    • Assessment of project documentation for explosion risk.
    • Elaboration of an Explosion Protection Document (EPD)
    • Elaboration of Explosion Risk Assessment (ERA)
    • Elaboration of Explosion Hazard Assessment (EHA)
    • Testing of flammability and explosion parameters of dust, gases and liquids.
    • ATEX training courses for both Manufacturers and Users.
    • Support and conculting in the implementation of new projects in field of explosion safety.
    • Preparation of professional analysis concerning dust, gases and liquids explosiveness with the participation of court expert (accredited expert).
    • Preparation of risk analysis in accordance with European standards, as well as analysis of the documentation from the point of view of its correctness.
    • Support in the implementation of the EPD guidelines along with preparation of documentation that meet the requirements of control bodies and institutions.


    Classification of explosion hazard zones:

    • Sieve analysis of dust, determination of determination of grain composition).
    • Lower explosion limit (LEL).
    • Minimum ignition energy (MIE).
    • Minimum ignition temperature of cloud and dust layer.

    Explosion protection:

    • Maximum explosion pressure (pmax).
    • Maximum rate of explosion pressure rise (dp/dtmax).
    • Dust explosion constant (KSt max).

    Other characteristics:

    • Thermogravimetric analysis.
    • Tendency to spontaneous combustion of dust.
    • Basic chemical analysis.
    • Limiting oxygen concentration (LOC)
    • Settled dust measurements


    The Machinery Directive – conducting procedures related to the essential requirements in the production and modernization of machines.

    • Assessment and verification of technical documentation of machines, allowing to issuing of the EC declaration of conformity and CE marking.
    • Risk assessment for a machine or machine assembly.
    • Elaboration of machine manuals (new and used machines).
    • Consulting on modification and modernization of machines and machine assemblies in the aspect of compliance with applicable Directives.
    • Taking responsibility for the manufacturer in the field of machinery and equipment certification.
    • Support for manufacturers and users in placing machines on the market.
    • Legal and substantive care in the case of undesirable events and accidents.
    • Assessment of machinery and equipment in terms of minimum requirements of Occupational Health and Safety in the use of machinery by employees during work.
    • Adaptation of machines to the minimum requirements according to applicable legal acts.


    Design and assembly:

    • Fog extinguishing systems.
    • Smoke removal systems.
    • Fire alarm systems.
    • Sparks detecting and extinguishing systems.
    • Fire protection pumping stations and sprinkler installations.
    • Fire dampers, gates, doors.
    • Evacuation and emergency lighting.

    Preparation of:

    • Technical and construction expertise regarding the storage of hazardous materials.
    • Fire safety instruction.
    • Major industrial accident prevention program for plants with increased and high risk.
    • Scenario of events during the fire.
    • Analysis and evaluation of the state of fire protection buildings.
    • Comprehensive service from project analysis to handing over the object to the user.



    Creating workplace instructions.

    • Preparation of occupational risk assessment cards for workplaces.
    • Verification audits.
    • Employer support after an accident at the workplace.
    • Determining the causes of accidents and support in the preparation of complete documentation.
    • Approval of documentation by an OHS Appraiser. (albo Appraiser for OHS)
    • Comprehensive health and safety audits.


    Tests of ESD antistatic protection in explosion hazard zones: antistatic floors, grounding and antistatic connections, antistatic equipment for employees. Measurements checks and reviews of the level of safety and reliability of installations, devices, electrical and electromechanical machines, including measurements of electric shock protection.

    We carry out tests with a thermal imaging camera in various areas of the technological process, including explosive zones together with the necessary test report.

    We carry out measurements to control the concentration of gases that can create explosive atmospheres with the air, among others to verify areas for explosive atmospheres. We also sell gas detectors.


    • Support in preparation of the work schedule.
    • Control, supervision and acceptance of investment stages.
    • Conducting partial and final acceptance of technical documentation.
    • User support in project supervision in the aspect of process safety.


    • Preparation of the HAZOP study (Hazard and Oparability Study).
    • Preparation of risk analysis SIL (Safety Integrity Level).
    • Preparation of other studies and analysis in accordance with the requirements of the contracting authority.


    • Devices.
    • Installation.
    • Steel constructions.
    • Steel and concrete structures.